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Discussion Forum Rules:

  1. You may not post anything for sale. Since the videos and web site are free for all to enjoy the cost of this web site is financed by me and my advertisers. If you have something fireworks related for sale you will have to contact me for advertising rates. Please do not try to work around the "Nothing for sale on the discussion forum" by directing people to your web site where products are for sale. Again contact me for advertising rates.

  2. You own every statement you type.

  3. If one of my advertisers contacts me about a statement you are making that may bring potential legal issues for them, I will delete your post and possibly your account. I cannot protect the whole pyrotechnic world, but I have to accommodate my advertisers. However you are free to critique their overall products and services.

  4. Do not participate in organized hate. If someone on the discussion forum is not behaving properly please tell me or a moderator and we will block their account.

  5. Please visit the advertiser page on my web site. I need their support. I also advised my advertisers that if you enter their site from my advertiser page they may want to offer you special deals that may not be available to the general public.

  6. discussion forum is open to the entire pyrotechnic world. Posting racism and hate from one country section to the other will not be condoned.

  7. Enjoy my videos, educate yourself about fireworks, post comments on the discussion forum, and have fun.


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