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Bought the tubes from Pyroboom. I have had no problems with canister shells. All tubes were fully inspected for proper loading. I know this shell was not in upside down.
It acted like the lift charge was not even there.
I had an issue like this a few years back with a 200 gram cake. The cake was glued correctly in place on a board. When I discharged this particular cake it basically blew at ground level. I did not hear any lift . That was the only repeater that I ever had problem with. The others shot fine.
I have seen cakes blow apart before but the wierd part is that this cake didnt blow apart at all. All shots fired but never bursted in the air at its apex it bursted at waist level say 4ft. Luckly the setup was in a field at my cousins farm so thier was plenty of distance and no one got hurt. I tell ya even though it was a 200 gram cake those ground bursts did travel a far and at all 360 degrees direction. I never had alot of mishaps with product over all these years. Sometimes it may happen thats why you always need to be safe and use common sense because anything can happen.
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