HDPE pipe - 4"

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I have some 4" HDPE pipe on hand and wanted to know the correct size to use. I see many different ID (inside diameter) sizes online. The HDPE I have is for pressure pipe (water mains) and the walls of the pipe are thick. The inside diameter is very close to 3.9. Would a 4" shell still fit? Does anyone else use HDPE water main pipe or just purchase from a known vendor that sells HDPE mortars?
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  1. 100max's Avatar
    Since you say it is 3.9 ID is probably DR 15.5 or DR17.
    I want to to say the companies I shoot with use DR 13.5 or DR11 so ID of 3.79-3.63 respectively. Once in great while we get an odd shaped shell or one with extra tape/paper that makes a tight fit. So yes you should be golden with that pipe.

    Dimension Ratio, DR, is the ratio of the pipe outside diameter to the pipe minimum wall thickness. As diameters change, the pressure rating remains the same for the same material, dimension ratio and application.
  2. C_Tampa's Avatar
    Thanks, I did purchase mortar tubes from a company and the wall thickness is thinner, having a true inside diameter of 4". I plan to test it out soon, if its a tight fix, then its a no go for launch. I'll report back on my findings.