Philly Pyro Kev

True heart of pyrotechnics

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Since I was a child I have always loved the smell of burnt B.P. and have always loved the excitement of the color and boom of pyro. My cousins would come back from down south with a bunch of air travel rockets and Link Triad brand lady packs. From those days of young I have loved this hobbyist/enthusiast lifestyle. Since about 1996 my buddies called me Pyro Kev and the name just stuck so now most of my friends and aquaintances know me as Pyro Kev. I always loved the brotherhood and fellowship of shoots and club meets and just shooting with fellow enthusiasts. It is what I love truly about this art today. That brotherhood and love of the boom is what drives me to do the things I have done in the past few years. My buddy John G and I came up with the idea for the "Philadelphia Pyros" club as we sat and talked pyro one day about 6 years ago. Since I was already known as Philly Pyro Kev we decided on the name Philadelphia Pyros aka Philly Pyro. We decided to start a small club of brothers who would get together monthly or bi monthly to shoot and fellowship. This year will be a huge year for the Philadelphia Pyros since we have a new shoot site secured on a farm out in Upper Bucks County PA where we are a go for bi monthly open shoots, also 2020 is the year that Philadelphia Pyros by Philly Pyro Kev is released by BoomWow fireworks. The love of pyro and the love of this community is what drives so many of us to create and make things happen. This is community, and the true heart of Pyrotechnics. Much love to all, stay real, stay lame free, stay green.
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