Michigan Pyro King

Type 54 License

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I live near GrandRapids MI & Im looking for a place I can Purchase 1.3 and have Contingency storage. Im tring to get my Type 54 License I need a Contigency Storage Plan set up to get my License. Im not looking to purchase 1.3 Fireworks right away. I want to learn more about 1.3 Fireworks before even purchasing 1.3s. I want to improve my displays by adding additional Safety by using the Electric Firing System. Leaning toward the COBRA FIRING SYSTEM. I believe I need my License to purchase Quick Match & Electric Lite. So Im tring to find a place that I can purchase my 1.3 Fireworks from and be able to have a CONTINGENCY STORAGE PLAN set up for When I Finally do move up to 1.3s. Need this in order to get my TYPE 54 LICENSE so I can start to purchase QUICK MATCH & ELECTRIC LITE. PRIVATE MESSAGE me if you know or can help me with a place that I can Purchase my 1.3 Fireworks & have a Contingency Storage Plan with.
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