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    Here is a list of my advertisers. Look at their website and or call . Here is all they need to know. First and foremost . What is your budget? Second

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    76 fireworks is top notch, but a tad bit higher in price, but they also do an early order sale with discounts in december. they also have their own line

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    I've made all my wholesale purchases from WFBoom the last few years and it's been great (I wait 'till February and get the 40%

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    7" Canister shells

    Its pretty crazy, i was watching a video review the other day and thought to myself, wow those shells look really short. Then i realized they were normal

    fireworkguy98 Today, 02:34 PM Go to last post

    Can I have 1.3 in my car to drive home with a type 54?

    You can explain it and they still will not believe it. Wish I could find that ATF Gary Bangs letter to the PGI from years back.

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