fusing issues

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Hello , I'm new to the post , Last years show i set off was a great success with multiple arrangements of cakes and mortars fused all together. This year was a huge disappointment repeating the same process as last year but adding a lot more motors. Can someone shed some light on why every chain ,jump ,transfer fire fuse popped and would not transfer fire ???? much appreciated any help
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  1. Pyro Paul's Avatar
    It's been my experience that some fuse simply does not burn hot enough or too fast to pass fire, I've been doing the one fuse show for about 10 years or so now. I've also experienced the chinese visco that was not coated well enough and my 35 min show went up in 12 min. I've noticed in some brand of artillery shells that the fuse does not burn well and no matter how hot the main fuse it just doesn't light or goes out leaving several shells in the guns for after the show fun. Bottom line, fuse is too unpredictable to try to get timing down to the gnat's ass or pass fire 100%. Also, the Connex things they sell do not work 100% either as I found out this year. I twist the fuse to be lit around the main fuse and tape it, for me that seems to be the best way to get the show to go the way I plan but it doesn't always work all the time.
  2. Bazerk's Avatar
    I too did 1 fuse shows for a good 6 years and I cant say that I have experienced this issue to be honest. The tips I would give you are this. Most importantly, make sure that the fuse connected to the main fuse if facing towards the direction that the burn is coming from. Some fuses have a black powder tip and some do not. If you cut the tip of the fuse your trying to light off at a 45 degree angle, almost any source of fire will ignite it. Second, when you tape the fuse to the main fuse make sure your having the two pieces of fuse touching for a good 2 inches or so. If there is a coating, this will help get through it and still ignite your fuse. I dont thing that speed of the fuse has anything to do with it if your making the connections properly. I used quick match for the first time this year on consumer cakes and I had a 100% burn. That shit burns at some ridiculous speed. In fact, you can see just how fast as the first 4 mins of my last 4th of july shows it. PM me if you have any questions bud.