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    Connecting Shooting Wire.

    I just twist them maybe 5-6 times and put a piece of tape around 1 side to prevent them from touching and shorting out. The force needed to pull the

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    Hello from Athens GA

    Signed up, now just waiting to hear back and thanks for all the help and videos

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    Another one from Michigan

    Welcome to the forum and great to meet you, glad to see you were able to get registered. I wish I saw this yesterday I would love to have thise tubes.

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    Comets/Mine Spacing

    Is there any sort of rule of thumb as to how to space these, for example if you want to shoot a row of them off?

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    slats/labels question

    For me i ran 3 slats on every channel and i just printed 3 sets of labels and labeled each set slat1 slat 2 slat 3 this was example of 1 of the sheets

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