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  1. cherry bombs

    Lately It's been an obsession of mine to recreate original cherry bombs. I haven't seen any tutorials on it or any descriptions of how to do them either. If anyone knew please tell me, I would love to know. Thanks.
  2. How to ball mill magnesium safely.

    Hi everyone, so I have been making compositions with magnesium for about a year now with pretty low mesh powder, but I just bought a ball mill and I have been using it for about 2 weeks. The other day when I opened my ball mill it burst into flames as soon as I opened it. I have been researching how to prevent this and wanted to ask all of you guys for help. What types of things can I do to prevent this in the future. I was also wondering where I should store magnesium and other metals safely. ...
  3. New Year's Day 2021

  4. Flash Powder Questions

    definitely, the best ratio for aluminum and perchlorate is? the best ratio is 34.2% aluminum and 65.8% perchlorate

    Aluminum powder and potassium perchlorate are the only two components of the pyrotechnic industry-standard flash powder. It provides a great balance of stability and power and is the composition used in most commercial exploding fireworks.
    by looking at The balanced equation for the reaction we can find the true and best ratio, ...
  5. Cake duration inconsistencies

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay_ View Post
    The SO76 cakes....especially zipper cakes that i have used seem to be pretty erratic. The 300 shot 8 shape gm654's that i had last year were way...i mean way fast. The label said 8 seconds, the videos had it at around 5 seconds, mine shot somewhere around 3 seconds.
    Thanks for this post. Im planning for this cake this year and needed it to last at least 6 seconds or it would be an odd section. I'll probably replace it now.
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